UCLA Iran Gazateer

Advanced interactive maps showing a catalog of archaeological sites


The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), had a free-access Archaeological Gazetteer of Iran, which was a web-based encyclopedia featuring archaeological sites, places, and monuments in and around the Iranian Region.  When the client approached us with their requirement, we analyzed their current, existing website and realized that the existing website was not design-oriented and hence, there would be a lot of challenges to fulfill this requirement.

Our team was confident in handling the requirement and so, we went ahead and took up the project. The mapping system that was built ended up looking great and functioning really beautifully.

Services provided

WordPress implementation

Designs in Adobe XD

No-code integrations


Technologies used

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The client wanted to present one of their archaeological gazetteer publications. But this publication had some limitations concerning its usage. The frontend of their site was not attractive, it looked dated, and the backend was even worse with all kinds of functionality issues and lack of ease-of-use. They needed some real professional help in rebuilding their website.

Our approach

When we collaborated with this prestigious client, we were aware that this was not going to be an easy task as it was not like any other projects that we had handled before. We knew that due to a lot of challenges within the website (and because it was not a design-oriented website), we would have to move tactically.

We configured a new layout, including the structuring, Map API, etc. Earlier, they were using the Maps given by ArcGIS (ESRI). By configuring the site’s map, we made the site user-friendly. We implemented different filters and customized data flow across the site. API integrations were also a part of this project.

Finally, we were able to display the publication, restricting the usage, as the client wanted. The client was very happy with our work.


Custom designed Illustrations

Rethinking a design-oriented website

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) approached us with its requirement to present an archaeological gazetteer publication, restricting its usage. We presented our client with a design-oriented website, implementing new filters and customizing data flow across the site.

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