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Flashy new Webflow website built using Figma designs


Curex, Inc. is a go-to, integrated, online telemedicine clinic and allergy medication provider, offering answers to allergy sufferers, and providing comprehensive care for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and eczema. Their care packages include at-home concierge allergy testing, customized sublingual immunotherapy, and symptom management. Curex strives to provide accessibility and quality allergy care in the US.

Gene and Daniel of Curex approached Seattle New Media for assistance to implement their Figma designs into Webflow. They wanted clean, splashy reviews, an extensive blog and a new look.  And they wanted animations and bright, warm colors.  That is where Seattle New Media stepped in to help.

Services provided

Webflow implementation

UI/UX in Figma

On-page SEO

Technologies used

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Curex was looking to enlist experts to perform a facelift on its existing website. Curex also wanted a platform which would be easily manageable and able to handle traffic. Their existing website was built in-house previously on a different platform and posed certain challenges. So they decided to redesign it in Figma and implement it in a system like Webflow. Initially, the plan was to keep all the pages static to start out, but to allow the option to make dynamic in a later phase using collections, so that every part of the website would be dynamically editable.

Our approach

During the initial brainstorming session, after fully evaluating the client’s needs regarding current and future needs, we collectively decided that Webflow and its features were the perfect choice for the website redesign. Even though the initial plan was to make all pages static, we explained, for a large brand like Curex, the advantages of making the pages dynamic, and how Webflow would be ideal for this.

We have done at least four levels of quality control for every page to ensure these pages were pixel-perfect across a variety of screens. The client also wanted us to integrate the website with to monitor traffic from different sources. A phased approach was needed to ensure all work met milestones.


Custom designed Illustrations

Dynamically and fully editable website redesign

Curex, an allergy medication provider, wanted to redesign its existing website in an advanced CMS system -- one which was not WordPress. So, Webflow was a great choice. The client collaborated with Joseph at Seattle New Media to redesign the site while also ensuring that every part of the website was built to be dynamic and editable, where content areas could be updated from the client side. The client was thrilled with the end result.

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