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Joro is a start-up that was established with the aim of empowering people to take climate actions that matter. Specifically where their mission is to help people spend sustainably and collectively to shift systems off fossil fuels. Joro’s CEO emphasizes the need to make the app accessible for anyone to live net zero and connect with a community of like-minded people. By 2021, Joro was able to lower its emissions by 21%.

Joro approached us requesting assistance to convert its Figma designs into Webflow pages. Their strategy included linking to their mobile app and using CQ codes as well to drive calls to action. This client has been featured in TechCrunch, Yahoo! Finance, Fast@Company, Crunchbase and other news.

Services provided

Webflow implementation

UI/UX in Figma

During our work with IOS List, we embarked on a creative journey to reshape its online presence. We enhanced the website using Webflow, incorporated automation with Airtable, and ensured secure transactions with Stripe. User Experience Optimization refined every detail for seamless navigation. Integration of Google Maps API added interactive property exploration. Our efforts aimed not just at creating a website, but at building a portal for the future of IOS exploration.

Technologies used

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Joro’s previous version of a website failed to render perfectly across all devices. So, to start off with, there was a need to make their website display better on everything from desktop to mobile.  Also there was a need for a new set of portfolio project pages to show off their work. The main purpose of this website was to drive traffic to their mobile app. (

Our approach

Seattle New Media started working on the project as quickly as we could as there was a time crunch for the project delivery. Our team converted their website’s high-fidelity Figma designs into pixel-perfect Webflow pages and collections which rendered perfectly on every screen.


We embarked on a journey to completely redesign the website using Webflow, focusing on improving user experience at every step. By integrating Airtable, we automated data management processes, eliminating the need for manual work and ensuring accuracy. Stripe integration strengthened the website's security and introduced subscription options. We expanded our scope by integrating the Google Maps API, offering users interactive property exploration features. Every aspect of the interface was meticulously crafted for optimal engagement and responsiveness. Our collaboration with the client was pivotal, as we worked together to incorporate feedback and preferences seamlessly.

Implemented workflow

These are the 3 main workflows that we implemented

Property listing

Professional Profile

Company Profile

Custom designed Illustrations

Delivering a responsive website within a very short time frame

Joro’s team wanted us to ensure that the website rendered perfectly across all devices and screens, but with limited time and limited budget. We helped them convert the site’s Figma designs pages into Webflow, while ensuring the website was responsive. With a very quick turnaround, the client was extremely happy with the results. We heard rave reviews about the work.

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