Portable mini golf courses for entertainment. Website built using the latest technologies.



From organizing portable "crazy" golf for private events, wedding events and corporate events, Headquartered in London, Clubhouse features a range of options to satisfy their clients.

They teamed up with Seattle New Media to reinvent their brand’s digital experience.

Clubhouse needed a brand-new digital platform that could represent their golf course event sales online beautifully. Seattle New Media recommended using the Webflow platform to reinvent their website, given the number of features that the platform offers.

Services provided

Website Design,

UI/UX Design,

Webflow development,


During our work with IOS List, we embarked on a creative journey to reshape its online presence. We enhanced the website using Webflow, incorporated automation with Airtable, and ensured secure transactions with Stripe. User Experience Optimization refined every detail for seamless navigation. Integration of Google Maps API added interactive property exploration. Our efforts aimed not just at creating a website, but at building a portal for the future of IOS exploration.

Technologies used

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Amid the vast number of golf course event planning websites based out of London, Clubhouse wanted to have its website blessed with a touch of uniqueness with regard to color choice so that it would stand out from the rest. Their previous version of a website was lacking vivid colors, impressive imagery, animation/motion and everything that you would want in a great site. Those were their main challenges.

Our approach

After a couple of discussions with the team at Clubhouse, we decided to use Webflow as color choice was the main requirement for this project, and Webflow excels in presentation.

Webflow’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to do on-page edits.

Working with Webflow gave our designers full control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, making it easier to create a website like our client had in mind. We also worked on enhancing the font styles.

We added lots of graphics to help make the site feel fun and interesting to visitors. We also added in plenty of movement and interaction.


We embarked on a journey to completely redesign the website using Webflow, focusing on improving user experience at every step. By integrating Airtable, we automated data management processes, eliminating the need for manual work and ensuring accuracy. Stripe integration strengthened the website's security and introduced subscription options. We expanded our scope by integrating the Google Maps API, offering users interactive property exploration features. Every aspect of the interface was meticulously crafted for optimal engagement and responsiveness. Our collaboration with the client was pivotal, as we worked together to incorporate feedback and preferences seamlessly.

Implemented workflow

These are the 3 main workflows that we implemented

Property listing

Professional Profile

Company Profile

Custom designed Illustrations

Prioritizing color choice while delivering high-quality user experience

Clubhouse collaborated with Seattle New Media to transform its website into a brand-new digital platform that could represent its golf course event sales online beautifully. We implemented Webflow to make the website stand out, blessing it with vibrant colors.

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