Sound Credit

Sound Credit is in the music industry providing a platform to collect music credits, royalty data and more


Sound Credit, a venture-backed company, is the first of its kind in the music industry that provides a platform to collect music credits, royalty data and deliver it through its supply chain. Sound Credit intends to solve the problem of music industry credits and royalties, and other issues stemming from the heavily fractured music industry marketplace.

Sound Credit had envisioned improving their existing website’s appearance to make it flashier (for the music industry) and more responsive. The team at Sound Credit partnered with us to make these improvements for them using Webflow.

Services provided

Webflow implementation

Template-based designs

Third-party integrations

On-page SEO

Technologies used

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Gabre Waddell of Sound Credit wanted to promote his company’s proprietary software for collecting music credits and royalty data. Initially their website was created by a different developer using a theme. On top of issues with responsiveness, theme errors, and more, the developer did not follow best practices of Webflow. As a result the website was having severe UI/UX problems especially on the responsive side. Gabre needed experts to get in and quickly improve his company’s website.

Our approach

Seattle New Media approached Sound Credit’s website improvement project by implementing a style guide in Webflow using client-first CSS style. We focused on resolving their website’s existing errors and making it responsive.

We spent quite a few hours documenting and resolving the site’s major issues before beginning work. Some of the major issues our team identified included image loading, page loading speed, coding issues, scrolling, etc. We resolved all these issues while ensuring the site was responsive.


Custom designed Illustrations

Pixel-perfect website with improved UI/UX

Sound Credit was looking for assistance to resolve some of the existing issues on its website while making it responsive. Akhil Joseph of Seattle New Media led the project to help the client with those issues of developing a better UI/UX, better code and improved the site’s structure. Mr. Waddell and his team were very pleased with the results we brought them.

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