No Conformity

No Conformity sells very stylish, trend-setting weightlifting accessories



No Conformity Co. targets those interested in a good fitness lifestyle and the athletes, embracing their rebellious and non-conformist spirit. The brand celebrates those fearless spirits who go against the grain and constantly strive to push their limits, both mentally and physically. The brand focuses on creating products that exist at the intersection of utility and self-expression.

The CEO, Andrew Raid, approached us with a requirement to add certain features to the e-commerce store. These include:

- Creating an inventory app to track the products that are sold along with associated products

- Product bundling (bundling of two-three products)

- A solution to handle product returns and generate return labels for its users

- Integrating with certain apps for influencer marketing

Services provided

Webflow build

Converted to Shopify

Custom designs

No-code integrations

Custom shipping integration

During our work with IOS List, we embarked on a creative journey to reshape its online presence. We enhanced the website using Webflow, incorporated automation with Airtable, and ensured secure transactions with Stripe. User Experience Optimization refined every detail for seamless navigation. Integration of Google Maps API added interactive property exploration. Our efforts aimed not just at creating a website, but at building a portal for the future of IOS exploration.

Technologies used

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Their previous e-commerce website had lacked some of the features that most modern sites offer. They were using Webflow e-commerce, which supports only the basic features. And they had issues with tracking sales, returns, and more.

Our approach

As Webflow e-commerce is very basic (you could say beta), it doesn’t support any of the features that a modern e-commerce store requires.

Seattle New Media’s approach:

We integrated their existing website with Shippo to handle shipping labels. This integration would automatically generate a return label within the system, though it lacked the feature to automatically send return labels to a user. Seattle New Media created a system where a user can request a return label by using the Order ID and the user’s email. We used Airtable to build this system. We were able to map all order details to Airtable, while also using Stripe (for transaction), Webflow ecommerce (for phase one), and Shippo.

We created an Airtable base to connect all related products for every item that is shipped, and then inventory automatically reduced from the total inventory, notifying the CEO that it is time to restock that item.

After a while, as the business expanded, their website needed applications for marketing purposes, which Webflow couldn’t support. These features were available on Shopify. So, we decided to migrate the existing site to Shopify without losing any of the existing design elements.


We embarked on a journey to completely redesign the website using Webflow, focusing on improving user experience at every step. By integrating Airtable, we automated data management processes, eliminating the need for manual work and ensuring accuracy. Stripe integration strengthened the website's security and introduced subscription options. We expanded our scope by integrating the Google Maps API, offering users interactive property exploration features. Every aspect of the interface was meticulously crafted for optimal engagement and responsiveness. Our collaboration with the client was pivotal, as we worked together to incorporate feedback and preferences seamlessly.

Implemented workflow

These are the 3 main workflows that we implemented

Property listing

Professional Profile

Company Profile

Custom designed Illustrations

Built to impress ... and be highly functional

No Conformity has a very unique website, built for Shopify, using Webflow as the source. Seattle New Media changed the face of the e-commerce store with our Webflow to Shopify conversion, UI/UX design work, SEO, and digital marketing services to enhance customer service.

...and sales