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Our Webflow maintenance services

Keep your Webflow website running like a well-oiled machine with our maintenance services.

Website troubleshooting

Browser compatibility issues

3rd-party integrations

Page speed improvements

CMS enhancements

On-page SEO

Content edits/updates

Accessibility considerations

Bug fixes

Fixing Responsive Issues

Audit checks

New pages and Features

They love our service

Leif Parcell
Partnered with Seattle New Media on a project and they were awesome.

Partnered with Seattle New Media on a project and they were awesome. Super collaborative, tons of experience, just overall a great experience. Highly recommend this team!

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Oliver Braton
Co Founder and CEO of Notch

An ongoing project, Seattle New Media has been quick to jump to solution delivery. They've been reliable, knowledgeable, and skillful. Also, the vendor has been professional and easy to work with and is highly recommended. The team has maintained effective communication.

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Marie-Eve Savard
Marketing Director, Joro

I hired them to update our webflow website and they did an amazing job. Very happy with their responsiveness and flexibility. They also provided recommendations on our template and CMS to facilitate edits moving forward. Will work with them again!

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Sierra Johnson
Design and Marketing Consultant, Legacy Homes Nebraska

Seattle New Media has helped us revamp our website and increase online traffic with Sharpspring CRM, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Email Automation. I recommend Seattle New Media to anyone that is looking to improve their online reputation. They have been very responsive and wonderful to work with!

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Webflow maintenance plans

Our maintenance plans will keep your Webflow website running at its best. We can take care of everything for you - from updates to security to backups. Sign up for our maintenance plan, and never worry about your website going down again.

Need a custom plan? Just let us know.
10-Hour Block
No restrictions on time to use
25- Hour Block
No restrictions on time to use
50-Hour Block
No restrictions on time to use
The purpose of a block is to simplify the billing process for companies that would like to continually buy new blocks (or sets) of pre-paid hours that can be used over time with no time commitments to use.
Best for websites that need very limited maintenance
10 hours/month
One month
1 project/limited task
4-6 days average
turnaround time
Collaboration through
Rollover hours up to 2 months
Pause anytime
Best for websites that need very limited maintenance
50 hours/month
One quarter minimum
Unlimited projects/tasks
2-4 days average turn around time
Pro support + expert tips
Dedicated project manager
Designer support (if needed)
You own all designs & files
Collaboration through Clickup & Slack
Rollover hours up to 2 months
Pause anytime
Unlimited Plan
Best for the marketing teams at companies that need continuous web support.
100 hours/month
Two quarter minimum
Unlimited projects/tasks
1-2 days average turnaround time
Pro support + expert tips
Dedicated project manager
Designer support (if needed)
You own all designs & files
Collaboration through Clickup & Slack
Rollover hours up to 3 months
Pause anytime
Website Development
Website Design
Website SEO
Basic Content Updates
or those that are not interested in the benefits of blocks or ongoing plans. Note: the hourly rate is then higher for this type of work.
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Why choose us for Webflow

Webflow Certified experts

We are Webflow-certified experts. That means we know how to use Webflow to its fullest potential and can help you maintain and keep your website running smoothly without any disruptions or downtime.

Quick turnaround time.

We know how important it is to keep your website up and running, which is why we offer fast turnarounds on all updates and fixes.

Reliable team

When you choose us, you get access to an experienced and reliable team of Webflow developers who are there for you whenever you need it.

World-class support

When you sign up for our Webflow maintenance services, you'll be assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee all maintenance and updates to your website, ensuring that your site is always up-to-date and running smoothly.


What is the difference between maintenance blocks and on-going plans?

Maintenance blocks are one time requirement which helps customers to do one time changes in the website and on- ongoing plans are customers who have continuous monthly engagements.

Do Webflow websites need maintenance?

Just like any website, your Webflow site will need some maintenance. Depending on how often you update your site and how complex it is, you may need to perform some basic maintenance tasks every month or so to keep your website running perfectly.

Will you maintain my Webflow website even though you did not develop it?

YES! We take on any Webflow site, regardless of who built it. We're happy to help maintain and update your site so that it continues to function smoothly and look great.

What do I need to upload to start?

You will need to upload everything related to the website build or task. This will include UI/UX designs, fonts, creative assets, media, and content.