How To Announce Your New Website Launch in Style!

announcing a new website launch

There is a strong purpose for revamping an existing site or designing a new site. When you consider all the time and money invested in the renovation or launch of a website, your efforts go in vain if the site fails to reach its target audiences.  

By reaching out to as many people as possible, you are paving the way to new endeavors for your business. Your site should be accessible to all. People need to know about the website long before it is launched.

While you are focusing on showing off your website to the target audiences after its launch, you need to work on informing people about the upcoming grand launch.

Though it might seem easy to target your audience after your site’s launch, things might get a tad-bit challenging if you do not give them a heads-up before the launch. You need to find some interesting and creative ways to present the launch of your site so that it attracts people’s attention and encourages them to eagerly await the big day.

Over the years, our team at Seattle New Media has worked on creating and revamping a number of websites. We have also shared some interesting tips with our clients to help them with their website launch announcement.

In this article, we will share some actionable website launch announcement ideas to ensure that your new site reaches your target audience across the world.

Learn how to announce your new website launch in style!

1. Include the announcement in your newsletter before and after the launch

Before launching your site, include the announcement in your email newsletter so that your subscribers know what is coming. This will arouse their curiosity. You can include some interesting features on your site that might serve their purpose or add value to your services.

new website launch announcement newsletter

Post the site’s launch, do not forget to mention that your site is live now.


Provide the new site’s link so that they can explore and enjoy the experience first-hand.

2. Get people to spread the word about the upcoming launch (you can start with your team members)

The best people who can spread the word about your site’s upcoming launch are your team members. Get them to share the details within their circles. Regardless of the mode they choose to spread the word, this method has proved effective at turning people’s heads toward your website’s launch.

While most people prefer to share the details via social media platforms, word of mouth is another interesting way to let people know what is coming.

3. Offer incentives for visitors to your new site

A number of brands have tried this technique to get the website launch announcement to their customers and have succeeded. You can grab people’s attention with an announcement.

The question is: what is in it for them?

Give them something of interest and they will do what is expected of them. Offer a bonus to your visitors. The bonus can be anything – a coupon code, a discount, or even a scavenger hunt online.

new website launch discount

While you celebrate your site’s launch, give a bonus to your audience for eagerly awaiting your site’s launch and joining in your celebrations.

new website launch sale

Offering a discount or giving away something for free will go a long way toward building new relationships and nurturing existing ones. Show your people that you care.

4. Use social media to grab attention

We discussed earlier how you can encourage your team members to spread the word about the upcoming launch via social media. In the same way, make use of social media to announce your new website launch.

Considering social media platforms are free to use, you need to take advantage of it to get the word out about your website’s launch.

You can start posting a few weeks ahead (two or three weeks prior) of the launch on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

announcing new website launch through social media

These social media posts that you use to generate interest or build anticipation are referred to as teasers, which are short, simple, and authentic in nature.

You can even use custom graphics to bolster the creativity of your posts so that they grab the user’s attention.

Tap into your writer’s messaging potential and let your social media followers know about the upcoming launch.

Source: Instagram

You can create multiple posts for different platforms and keep doing it several times before people start noticing.

If you are revamping your existing site, share details about why you are rebranding. Include details on how the new site aims to enhance the user experience.

5. Create a pop up alert on the existing website to let visitors know that your site is being revamped.

By creating an pop up alert, you are spilling the beans. People know that something is up, and they start anticipating the unknown. This will help you keep the users engaged and interested in your brand, and it can also help you generate some early buzz for your new website.

example of pop up alert informing vsistors about new website launch

It's important to keep your pop-up alerts entertaining in order to keep people engaged. So make sure that the text on the pop up is short, clear and fits your brand. Here are some great examples of under construction and coming soon text that you can use.

6. Invite volunteers to assist you during the site’s testing phase before its launch

Post the launch of your site, you do not want any confusion to happen due to something that went unnoticed. There might be some things that your team missed during the final stages.

Having a set of your target audience to test the site before the launch will help to find out the errors. They will be able to notice things that might have gone unnoticed during the testing. Inviting them to be a part of the testing process will generate their interest, and they will definitely anticipate the launch of your site.


Making a website’s launch announcement might seem like an easy task. Launching website announcement techniques are changing.

Use creative ideas to touch your people’s hearts before and after the launch. We have recommended the above ideas to several of our clients who have successfully launched their websites.

By following the tips in this article, you can announce your website launch with confidence and ensure that your website is ready for prime time.

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