Top 7 Reasons Why Live Chat is Important for Your Business

Why is Live Chat Important for Business

Live chat customer support has become the backbone of businesses. According to a survey metrics published by emarketing, for more than 35% of respondents, the live chat session motivated them to make their purchase. Another 60% of respondents were likely to return to the site for future purchases.

In brief:

1. Live chats have become integral to businesses as they provide a way for businesses to connect with and support their customers in real time.

2. In addition to improving customer retention levels, live chats help to increase customer satisfaction when compared to the satisfaction levels accomplished over emails and texts.

Live chat is an untapped potential aspect of any customer relationship management strategy. While live chats can help enhance sales, you can explore this premise to get a better understanding of your customers’ needs and problems.

Below are some of the benefits of live chats:

1. Live chat helps provide 24/7 support

Why wait 24 or 48 hours to process a request when you can respond immediately? Many businesses use email or phone for communication purposes. However, your customers might have some queries that need an instant response from your end.

For instance, if a user is facing a technical glitch when checking out or making a payment, it is vital to respond instantly. If the response is delayed, the customer might get annoyed and leave.

In another scenario, imagine a user trying to connect to a webcast you’re hosting. A certain technical glitch is blocking the user from connecting to the webcast.

The user must wait for a call from the concerned IT executive for assistance, which might take a day or two. Live chat can help fix this in a jiffy.

2. Live chat increases conversions and drives sales

Hiccups can pop up at any stage of a user’s journey. The user is looking for uninterrupted guidance through the journey to make a favorable decision.

The live chat agent has the power to initiate a personal conversation based on the stage in the user’s journey, thereby shortening the different phases of the journey, contributing to increased conversions.

As discussed earlier, over 30% of people make a purchase after interacting over a live chat session. The impact a live chat session can have on a user is huge.

3. Live chat eliminates wait times

You might have experienced this when promoting a sales event. Hundreds of calls get queued and there are challenges to handling the calls. Usually, small businesses that cannot afford a large team are unable to handle calls, frustrating their customers.

Live chat saves you from such embarrassment as you can provide assistance instantly, saving them from any IVR screening before they can connect with an actual human.

There you have happy customers who want to proceed in their user journey, thereby enhancing sales and helping your business grow.

4. Live chat allows you to connect from anywhere at any time

Regardless of geographic barriers, you can always offer excellent support to your people. You can use live chat to interact with your people across the globe to make the user journey smooth for them.

If you wish to wait for a while before setting up an office in another country, use live chat on your website to interact with people and understand them. You will have further insights into how people perceive your brand, and it will help you understand if setting up a new office in that location will be worthwhile. Your people just need access to the internet to connect with you.

5. Live chat enables conversations

When users reach your site, you can initiate a live chat, welcoming them to your website. Or you can use the auto-greetings functionality to greet them.

People love to chat and engage in a conversation when they do not have to reveal too much of their personal details. Again, anonymous conversations are a plus point for bolstering sales.

6. Live chat saves time and reduces cost

Live chats help save a lot of money and time. Your live chat executives can indulge in multiple conversations at the same time. With live chat, the executives have several options to handle chat distribution and utilization. No customer will have to wait in the queue ever again. All responses will be handled efficiently in a time-sensitive manner.

Customers feel satisfied when they can engage with your agents in real time. The agents can respond to their queries or help with any problem solving during the chat. They can even share the screenshots of the processes (providing step-by-step guidance) to help solve the problem over the chat.

With live chats, help desk costs will come down as the users no longer have to wait in the queue. All the chats will be routed to the right department or responsible person instantly.

7. Live chat improves customer experience

Live chats can contribute to preventing bounce-offs on websites. With the live chat feature, you can answer your users’ queries and guide them through the sales cycle, thereby increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates.


Use the live chat tool to communicate and engage with your customers. Stay connected with your people at any time of the day or night, regardless of the geographic barriers. Provide personalized responses based on their queries or where they are in their user journey.

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