Top 10 No-Code Tools to Build a Web App Without Coding

There was a time when you had to know coding even to implement the most basic web app ideas. It restricted you from iterating, creating, and even scaling your web app. However, the emergence of no-code tools has changed the game, putting the power back in the hands of business owners like you.

Now, whether you need to experiment with a personal project or build a completely new product, these tools are at your disposal. In this article, we discuss 10 no-code app builders that can help speed up the process of creating a web application. 

Best no-code app builders at a glance

Softr suits beginners wanting to bring their ideas to life

Bubble helps build sophisticated projects effortlessly

Flutterflow empowers coders and non-coders to build native apps

Thunkable suits beginners with its design components for faster development

Glide helps streamline workflows into sleek applications

AppyPie is suitable for entrepreneurs looking to scale apps with their business

Draftbit fosters collaboration between developers and designers to build intuitive apps

Bildr brings flexibility and scalability to apps

Pineapple helps startups and small businesses build web apps

Zapier Interfaces for automation-powered apps 

Now,  let’s look at each of these tools in detail

1. Softr

Softr helps you build web apps, quickly. It provides you with pre-built functional blocks like Lists, Charts, Forms, Tables, Calendars, Maps, and more. Integrate them with tools like Zapier, Airtable, and Hotjar among others to improve your app functionalities. Make this process more intuitive by collaborating with colleagues on the platform. 


  • FREE plan with 1 custom domain
  • Basic plan for entrepreneurs at $59/month
  • Professional plan for small and medium businesses, and agencies at $167/month
  • Business plan for larger teams at $323/month
  • Customized Enterprise plans for larger companies 

2. Bubble

Bubble lets you design web apps for scale. Its interactive drag-and-drop interface allows you to create pixel-perfect designs for desktop and mobile web browsers. You can create dynamic content on your app, collaborate with team members, and even integrate tools like Stripe, Google Analytics, or any other API. 


  • FREE plan with 1 app editor
  • Starter plan for launching your app and testing at $32/month
  • Growth plan for a growing user base at $134/month
  • Team plan for larger teams and business at $399/month
  • Customized Enterprise plans for larger companies 

3. Flutterflow

Build robust responsive web apps with Flutterflow’s 80+ widgets and 180+ pre-designed components. The platform allows teams to work on different features simultaneously, without immediately merging into a project.  While its intuitive drag-and-drop interface visually constructs the app, Flutterflow's custom code editor empowers users to craft their widgets and actions.


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Standard plan with code download at $30/month
  • Pro plan with one-click localization at $70/month
  • Team plan for larger teams and business at $70/month

4. Thunkable

Thunkable is a platform built for innovators. With solutions for startups, education, pre-sales, and agencies, it allows you to build powerful Android, iOS, and mobile web apps. It offers limitless logic blocks that help you to iterate and execute your app idea. You can integrate with tools like Airtable, Google Sheets, Figma, and more.


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Starter plan for growing businesses at $15/month
  • Pro plan for unlimited projects at $45/month

5. Glide

Skip navigating through endless spreadsheets with sleek web apps created on Glide. You can create powerful tools and workflows using existing business data, or deploy applications that benefit your team. Glide offers pre-designed blocks that make it easy to develop an app, and integrate it with existing business tools to create a seamless user experience. 


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Maker plan for one published app at $60/month
  • Team plan for unlimited apps and 5 editors at $125/month
  • Business plan for unlimited apps and 10 editors at $310/month

6. AppyPie

AppyPie helps you grow your application with your business. You can easily modify your app to meet evolving requirements, handle an increase in traffic and a growing customer base. It offers feature blocks that ease the creation of fully functional applications. Moreover, you can change anything on your application without the worry of bugs. 


  • Basic plan for one published app at $60/month
  • Gold plan for unlimited apps and 5 editors at $125/month
  • Platinum plan for unlimited apps and 10 editors at $310/month

7. Draftbit

Draftbit is built for developers and non-developers. The no-code platform generates source code for customization while you drag and drop blocks on its visual editor. It offers templates that ease developing a web app. Moreover, once built you can deploy the app to multiple endpoints without changing a thing. 


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Basic plan for one live project at $29/month
  • Pro plan for three live projects at $79/month
  • Team plan for 15 live projects at $249/month

8. Bildr

Bildr offers a range of pre-built components and templates that streamline the app development process. You can integrate various data sources and APIs to develop a robust app, for scale. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer to app development, Bildr provides the tools and flexibility to bring your ideas to life with ease.


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Launch plan for two builders at $29/month
  • Pro plan for five builders at $119/month
  • Scale Up plan for customized features starting at $500/month

9. Pineapple

With Pineapple, small businesses and startups can set up a web application in no time. The platform offers a variety of intuitive tools and templates to streamline the app development process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. It provides seamless integration with popular services and databases, allowing you to create dynamic and functional applications. 


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Gold plan to publish two projects at $7.99/month
  • Diamond plan to publish four projects at $19.99/month

10. Zapier Interfaces

Zapier Interfaces empowers you to build automation-powered applications to suit your business and workflow. From lead management systems to stand-alone applications to test your ideas, Zapier Interfaces helps with it. It has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to start building an application. Additionally, you can add advanced permissions like password protection, or embed components into your existing app. 


  • FREE plan for beginners
  • Premium plan for individuals and teams at $20/month
  • Advanced plan agencies at $100/month
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Wrapping up

The evolution of no-code tools is not only liberating to entrepreneurs but even developers. It creates a space that fosters collaboration while being extremely functional. The array of powerful platforms eases the way you imagine your business web app. Whether you're starting with Pineapple and Softr or growing big with Bubble and Glide, there's something for everyone.

Using no-code tools brings flexibility to the development process. You can iterate multiple versions, integrate with necessary tools, and build your web app. In case you feel stuck at any point, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you sail through. 

Bringing your ideas to life and scaling your business is just a few clicks, iterations, and testing away!

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