Innovative E-Commerce Website Design Ideas

Innovative ECommerce website design ideas

Your website is the face of your business online. It represents your brand’s voice and gives your people a medium to connect with your business.

The website plays a vital role in creating an emotional connection between your business and your potential prospects. If your website is professional and appealing, undoubtedly, people will reach out to you, improving your conversions.

Having a strong online presence is one of the keys to starting a successful business. So, designing a beautiful website should be your first and foremost goal.

In this article, we decided to share some interesting e-commerce website design ideas with examples to help you design a great website.

An e-commerce website can have lesser content but needs to have high-resolution images.

1. Typography

One of the most important factors that you need to focus on when creating an e-commerce website is its typography.

hebe's website

Check out Hebe’s website. Besides, flaunting fonts that are a bit thicker than the usual ones that we see online, the site also has some outstanding photos. If yours is a clothing website, then be careful with the photos that you are using. This is what makes the website unique and appealing to users.

2. Colors

One of the other factors that draws users to a website is its colors. Bright colors are always a recommended choice when it comes to designing e-commerce websites. The use of a bright-colored palette offers a vibrant and energetic appearance to a website.

Bliss is one such website – the designer has taken extra care to shower the website with vibrant and bright colors. Besides, the homepage has some beautiful images that gives an idea about how the other pages of the website looks like, leaving the user wanting more.

3. Minimal website

Minimalism is more than a concept, in fact, it is one of the most innovative e-commerce website design ideas. Check out the e-commerce website, The Horse, which has a unique touch to its design with bold images and fewer content.

The name horse and the design of this e-commerce website will surely linger long enough after the user has left the website. If you’re looking for some out-of-the-box ideas for your e-commerce website, visit this site for inspiration.

4. Product design and colors

The main intent of an e-commerce website is to display products aesthetically. But, you should be focusing on ensuring that your products stay in your people’s minds even after they have left your website. Try using innovative tools such as Wepik to easily create images from text that capture the essence of your product.

Check out ambsn, an e-commerce clothing website (using a minimalist background) that offers a variety of colorful patterns on its products, such as shorts, t-shirts, and jackets. The site flaunts big bold colors, using a lot of orange, which is a unique feature.

5. Design elements

Check the high-resolution images used on the e-commerce website, Dick Moby, that sells glasses. This site is unique, and has been designed with a number of design elements – including fun patterns and squiggles, appearing at the top of their home page. If you visit their page to shop, you can see just the glasses for sale – with absolutely nothing in the background. This is why Dick Moby’s products stand apart and give a unique feeling to the visitors.

6. Video

Videos are an important part of e-commerce websites. If you check the e-commerce website design of ESQIDO, you can see how they have used a short video on their homepage.

This video provides a detailed explanation on how to apply fake eyelashes, which is the product that they are selling. This website has some interesting close-up images of their products along with its packing details. If you are looking for inspiration on designing an e-commerce website for makeup or beauty products, take a tour of ESQIDO’s site.

7. Website design

Regardless of whether you are picking a minimalist design or would like to crowd your e-commerce site with a lot of elements, the design is the first thing that tends to impress your visitors. A beautiful website design is the key to your users’ hearts.

You can find the e-commerce website, Mahabis, flaunting one such beautiful design. Once you reach the site’s homepage, you would be welcomed with a one-line description of their product, which is impressive. This website’s design along with the content is very beautiful and stay etched to the visitors’ minds for days.

8. Colors and fonts

Using a lot of colors and colorful fonts is another option for designing websites. Jackie Smith is one such e-commerce website design that introduces bright colors for flaunting their colorful bags and for promotions. They are even using colorful fonts, which make the website unique.

9. User-friendly websites

Having a website with great-looking products, and beautiful and bold colors, is great. But, another important point to keep in mind when designing websites is user satisfaction. A beautiful website can work wonders. Imagine the magic that will unfurl when this beauty will meet responsiveness, offering user-friendliness.

Check Sierra Designs, an e-commerce website, which has eye-catch images and is user-friendly.

10. Product pages

In a previous point, we discussed the importance of using high-quality design for displaying products. The e-commerce website, Rest, selling wooden desk accessories has product pages, which offer in-depth details of its products and the beauty of all its products, when brought together. Besides, this website also has videos on its homepage, which will take you on a tour of its products while also explaining its brand for those who are unfamiliar with it.

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