Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch

After Netflix premiered its most-viewed series, Emily in Paris a year ago, the term influencer started making sense. In the critically acclaimed web series, the lead character, Emily, who works as an influencer for a marketing agency, can be seen walking around Paris, capturing moments and promoting businesses.

The show introduced most of us to the concept of influencers. In fact, if we were to overlook the cheesy parts, we can take a page or two out of Emily’s book on the role of influencers in the success of any business, regardless of the industry or the size of the business.

This blog post will offer insights into the influencer marketing trends to watch out for in 2023.

1. Influencer, Influencer, Influencer everywhere

There was a time when influencer marketing was looked upon as affiliate marketing; however, there exists no connection between the two. Both marketing programs revolve around a similar concept: an outsider is involved in promoting products on behalf of a business, encouraging people to make a purchase.

But, experts predict that in 2023, the gap between these marketing programs will become blurred. We will see influencer platforms integrating with e-commerce, moving forward, as influencers will play an important role in driving sales, rather than just focusing on building brand awareness.

Earlier, influencer was never a job title. People considered it as more of a hobby – something that a blogger or publisher would take up as a part of their job. Their scope of promotion was limited to demos or reviews posted on their sites.

There is a shift in the way influencers are taking up promotions. We can see that people are promoting only those products or service offerings that they use and trust.

Brands have started recognizing influencers as the face of their brands as influencers have a vital role in guiding the users via the sales funnel till they make them buy the product. Influencers add a personal touch to the promotions.

Since the pandemic started, online businesses have been looking for ideas to promote their products. And working with influencers is one of the best ways.

While brands may not be able to create an emotional connection with their users, they have realized the power of using influencers to promote their affiliate products.

2. Live shopping will become prominent

In the year 2021, we witnessed live shopping becoming a trend. This trend is here to stay.

What can be better than working with an influencer who will promote your new or existing product to their people via live video? Many prominent brands, including Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, are already live streaming to reach their communities. Their success shows that this trend will last.

3. Micro and nano influencers will flourish

There are a variety of influencers out there. There are nano influencers, like Emily, who have a few followers, micro-influencers with fewer than 30,000 followers, celebrity influencers with millions of followers, etc. Businesses are watching influencers with an engaged community, regardless of the number of followers, as they can go easy on their marketing budgets based on the number of followers.

4. Don’t be surprised at the variety of influencer content that will be introduced

We can expect to see new social media platforms emerge. Like TikTok and Clubhouse, we can see newer platforms hitting the market soon. Influencers will have a crucial role in amassing user support for brands and creating sponsored ads.

We will also see several new forms of media unfolding, with AI-driven influencer marketing platforms stealing the show. Influencers will now be able to introduce a variety of shareable content that will go viral in no time.

5. Audio and video content will take over

With several internet service providers introducing new plans and 5G being the new trend, audio and video content are being consumed more than ever now. Content on YouTube and even podcasts are influential. We will slowly observe a transition from text and images to audio and video content.

Rather than reading, people prefer to listen to podcasts. These days, you can find podcasts on any topic of your choice. Though we can still see text and images everywhere, expect to see more audio and video content in the new year.

6. Short videos are trending

Instagram reels are a favorite these days. Social media platforms are embracing this short video content strategy for promoting brands. The short duration of the videos grabs user attention as users get all the essential information instantly. We will see more of these become a part of social media marketing this year.


While you take great pain in shaping your digital marketing services, focus on influencer marketing strategies as well. Your business needs influencers. Influencers have a loyal bandwagon of people following them and you need these people to grow and flourish.

Keep an eye out for the changing trends as the digital marketing landscape transforms. The pandemic has taught us to be ready to embrace uncertainties and changes.

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