Difference Between UX,UI Designer and Web Designer

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: What’s the Difference?

To the layman, digital design may seem like a load of jargon, systems, coding, and programs. Web creation is not just about designing a landing page but creating an online experience that users enjoy. It is a visually driven experience with consumer psychology taking a strategic course. 

The important pillars of web creation are Web Designer, UX Designer, and UI Designer. There is a fine line of difference between their roles but creates a strong impact on your business’ website.

Before you jump to hire all of them, it is necessary to understand how they differ and the value they add to your business. 

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: What’s the Difference?


There is a fine line between UX designers, UI designers, and web designers. Understanding their primary job roles and their work can help you structure your project better for the best results from each of them. Here’s how each is different from the other.

Web Designer

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Web designers begin their careers as graphic designers and focus on the aesthetic elements of the sites, like photos, graphics, color, typography, and the overall layout of the page. They focus on the website functionality and adopt the latest trends to keep the website updated.

UX Designer

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A UX designer or a user-experience designer understands how a user interacts with the website to create one that seamlessly meets their expectations and requirements.

A UX designer aims to simplify the steps a user takes to complete a task to render an experience that is aesthetic and easy to use. A UX designer may also focus on the behavior of users with physical products and devise methods to improve it.

UI Designer

 illustration of UI design
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A UI designer or a user-interface designer focuses on the design touchpoints with which a user interacts. They focus on every aspect of the interface, including typography, color, size of the button, and placement of each element to provide seamless functionality. 


A web designer, UI designer, and UX designer are a part of a larger team that works to create a website. Their contribution differs depending on the requirements of the job. Here are the role and responsibilities each of them renders:

Web Designer

A web designer often leads and supports design initiatives. They work closely with clients to break down complex concepts into simple and functional design elements.

UX Designer

A UX designer creates prototypes, collaborates with product teams for research, and tackles usability challenges. The extensive user research helps UX designers refine the product and create more interactive and immersive experiences.

UI Designer

A UI designer understands the marketing strategy and design objectives to develop engaging interfaces for websites and apps. A UI designer ensures there is visual consistency through all the business assets.


Given the nature of their work, the knowledge of a web designer vs a UX designer vs a UI designer may overlap. Some specialized skills that each of them possesses include:

Web Designer 

A web designer is abreast with design principles, content management systems, and tools like Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, Figma, and Webflow. They are proficient in HTML and CSS, along with scripting languages like JavaScript and PHP.

UX Designer 

UX designers develop their research skills along with information architecture and visual communication. They use survey tools like Google Forms and Google Analytics, along with design tools like Figma and InVision. 

UI Designer 

A UI designer is an expert in wireframing, prototyping, and responsive design and works with tools like Sketch and InVision. Some UI designers may also possess coding knowledge.

Focus and application

Web Designer 

A web designer focuses on creating a highly functional and efficient website that works well across devices. They use their knowledge of design, color theory, and infographics to create an aesthetically pleasing website. 

UI Designer

A UI designer focuses on minute details that enhance the user experience. They focus on creating style guides for the website, deciding the typeface and colors, and ensuring consistency in design. And the odds of success in the position are increased if the UI designer uses the best tools for UI design.

UX Designer

A web designer and UI designer bring to life the vision of a UX designer who focuses on building a lean and agile development process, user research, and crowdsourced designing.

Average Salary

According to the Indeed salary guide, the average salary received by a web designer is $52,865 per year. A UI designer earns approximately $85,543, while a UX designer earns close to $96,930. 

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Final Word 

A web designer is often well-versed in the principles of UX and UI to deliver projects that meet the current market expectations.

However, finding a web designer with such experience may sometimes be time-consuming and challenging. Engaging with an agency may help provide the necessary direction for your business's online presence. 

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