20 Best Webflow Website Examples for Inspiration in 2023

Best Webflow Website Examples

A compelling website requires an effective and user-friendly design to keep users engaged. Webflow offers complete design freedom to its users, enabling you to explore your creativity.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next Webflow website, then here is a list of 20 websites that capture the best of their brand, design, and target audience

Top 20 Webflow Examples 

1. Superlist

Superlist is a platform that helps you manage your personal and professional work on one dashboard. The website design uses bold colors that reflect the dual nature of the platform. It has a mix of professional and handwritten fonts, doodles, and interactive animation that keeps the audience hooked on the website. 

2. Okalpha

When in the business of creativity, your website needs to reflect your expertise. That’s exactly what Okalpha achieves with their site. It uses bold primary colors and clean animation that is seamless even on its mobile site. The animation studio keeps the user engaged with its bold fonts and easy navigation. 


UJET is an industrial design company that develops innovative products for businesses to switch from ICE to Electric. Their B2B website adopts a clean and minimalist design to communicate their services. The muted colors, seamless animation, and clear navigation create an excellent user experience. 

4. Conservation Guide

Conservation Guide is a marketplace for quality conservation experiences. It connects users with initiatives in their area to protect habitat, and animal life, and control pollution. The website has minimal animation but uses bold imagery to connect with its audience. It adopts an earthy color scheme with hues of blue and green. The website is easy to navigate and keeps the audience engaged throughout. 

5. Poulos Collective

Poulos Collective is a design portfolio for an agency specializing in visual design and UX strategy. The website has a clean UI that focuses on their work, expertise, and client experience.

The Poulos Collective does not have a typical agency website but breaks information into bite-sized cards. This makes it easy for any user to understand and navigate their site. 

6. Kinch Lyons

Kinch Lyons represents a group of business psychologists that work with companies to make the most of their human capital. The website has bold colors and fonts while creating a minimal and clean website. It has scroll and hovers animations that contribute to a seamless user experience. 

7. Emma

Emma makes insurance look appealing. Its use of muted colors and illustrations makes the website more approachable. There are several scrolls and hover animations that enhance the user experience. Moreover, its simple fonts and highlighted call-to-action buttons make it easy for any user to navigate through the website. 

8. The Pen Tool

The Pen Tool steps away from static layouts to striking visuals and animations that resonate with their target audience. It uses bright colors, typography, a custom animated cursor, and animations to showcase its products. Organized by color, the website is easy to navigate. 

9. Ollivere

Ollivere is a design portfolio maintained by Martin. The website creates a narrative with minimal designs, bold fonts, and seamless scroll animation. It showcases Martin’s designs, expertise, and process. 

10. Emma Rose Photography

Emma Rose Photography is a no-nonsense website that gets right to the point. It showcases the photographer’s work and expertise. It uses a combination of colors, bold fonts, and animation to enhance the user experience. The website is easy to navigate and offers interactive elements in the main banner. 

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11. Serve

Serve is a creative agency that adopts a minimal design approach for its website. The Chattanooga-based creative agency has illustrations depicting the city. It uses simple fonts and short content pieces to communicate its services and expertise. Its minimal animations make the website look very professional. 

12. Base Camp

Base Camp offers IT recruitment services to businesses. True to its name, the website associates its services with elements of a trek. It adopts dark colors, clear CTAs, and many illustrations to provide a good user experience. 

13. Unusual 

Unusual provides services to software startups. The website is easy to navigate and shares several testimonials and free resources to gain user interest. Its intelligent use of colors, fonts, and illustrations makes Unusual a visual delight. 

14. VSCO

A photo and video editor with premium filters, VSCO’s website offers a peek into its mobile application. The design of the website is simple. It uses images and videos to communicate with very little text. Its seamless animation and short videos showcase how VSCO can transform your photographs and videos. 

15. Strava - Business

The Strava business website is built for decision-makers. The short landing page focuses purely on facts and figures necessary to make a collaboration decision. It uses minimal animation, clear fonts, and illustrations of its app UI. A delicate play of orange, black, and white makes the website striking and true to its brand. 

16. SVZ

SVZ offers design, strategy, and development services. Its website showcases its expertise with clear navigation and minimalist design. It uses animation and small interactive elements to keep users engaged. SVZ uses color, bold fonts, and storytelling to make an effective first impression on potential clients. 

17. Dockyard Social

Dockyard Social brings together the best of street food trades in Scotland. It uses vibrant colors and bold text to give users a glimpse of the experience that awaits them. The website also acts as an eCommerce store and allows users to buy tickets. Colors change on the website as users navigate from one section to another.  

18. Pizza vs Burger

Pizza vs Burger is a fun escape from the mundane. A Webflow project designed by  Pierre-Louis Labonne, the website runs a poll to choose between pizza and a burger. There is an animation of a little man following the cursor that lights up when you design to vote. 

19. Stand Still Tea

Stand Still Tea aims to offer an ancient experience of drinking tea. The eCommerce store puts tea and tea farmers at the center of the conversation by using a neutral color palette and bold imagery. The eCommerce store offers a seamless user experience with red-colored CTA buttons to guide users through the website.  

20. Walden

Walden offers tools to promote introspection and meditation. It uses neutral colors and simple fonts to create a calming user experience. The images bring users closer to nature and enhance the shopping experience. 

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Final Word 

Webflow is redefining website design by giving you the creative freedom to express your brand. When designing your next Webflow project, make sure to keep the target audience in mind and design for them.

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