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In this era of unbending competition, in case of marketing, Branding is everything. Good branding increases the worth of a company by grabbing a spot on the people’s minds. A brand is a promise to the customer and a perception of what to be expected of the company. Beyond a noteworthy logo, branding represents the emotional responses of a customer. A successful branding provides a vital edge by letting you separate yourself from your competitors. Seattle New Media creates professional brand identities by providing creative digital solutions tailored to your requirements. Our skilful team develops awestricken designs for every element you need to promote your brand.

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Benefits of branding

Improves Brand Recognition

With too much products available on the market, consumers naturally turn towards brands they know and confide in. With improved brand recognition, purchases are considered less risky.

Increases market value

Financial value of a company depends on branding as a well-rooted brand often guarantees great business in future. So branding improves revenues and market value.

Boosts employee satisfaction

A strong brand provides a sense of direction and pride to its employees. Hence branding results in reduced employee turnover and increase loyalty of employees.

Generates new customers

A well known brand with a customer base who loves them can easily attract new customers and distributors. People always trusts a brand recommended by others.

Creates trust

Branding helps to uplift the face of the company and people always want to purchase from a legitimate brand.

Gathers customer loyalty

Since branding makes people trust the name and product, it improves customer loyalty. It may even help the company to overcome temporary crises.

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Logo Design

In Seattle New Media, we understand that your logo is the ‘face’ of your brand. By gaining profound understanding of your brand and industry, we will design unique, versatile and vibrant logo to make your brand stand out. Our gifted designers will develop an aesthetically stunning and memorable logo which tells your brand’s story adhering to your core values and culture. We will also assist you in redesigning your existing logo in a trendy and lively fashion to rebrand your identity. Apart from all these we can design the latest trend on logos – animated logo which grabs the viewer’s attention instantaneously making you noteworthy. According to your requirement and interests we can compose the best logo for you.


Establishing a brand and delivering the best products is only half the story. You should make your brand familiar to people. Branding is the fundamental element of marketing which persuades the customers to trust you and become loyal. In Seattle New Media we will help you in branding your identity by designing digital elements such as brochures, leaflets, posters, product labels and promotional materials etc. We cover every aspect of visual representation of your brand irrespective of the size and nature of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, you can ask for the particular promotional elements. Of course, we will share our suggestions on which elements will be suitable for your brand.

Yes, we offer logo design in 3 packages. According to your budget and requirements you can choose either the basic package or the advanced ones. We offer designing of animated logos also.

No, we deliver only the soft copies. We do not undertake printing. But, we will provide the softcopies in any dimensions you want.

We do reputation management as a part of Social Media marketing.

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