Here's The Right Way Of Handing Off A Website To Your Clients

Right Way Of Handing Off A Website To Clients

Highlight: A well organized method of handing over the project allows you to end the project on a perfect note and yet continue the relation like a reverberating musical note.

When you have successfully completed the designing and production aspects of a website, it is time for you to hand over the property to your clients so that they can start working with it and manage their business goals efficiently. You may have seamlessly managed the functional aspects of the project; however, it is essential that you hand over the website to your clients in the right way.

Here is a quick look at the way in which you can actually deliver your finished project to your clients properly.

Why should you adhere to a proper and effective hand-off process?

By handing off the project properly and seamlessly to your client, you can make sure that they have a positive experience while interacting with it. You do not have to deal with frustrating emails and phone calls where they do not understand what you have done with their project.

Clients typically have a number of follow up queries where they would want to know about the project and the elements that they can expect from it. Therefore, it is definitely a wiser business decision to present them with all the information that they may look out for once they have their project in their hands.

Have a well organized method of handing over the project. It allows you to end the project on a perfect note and yet continue the relation like a reverberating musical note.

Even though you are already done with the project and your relationship with the client is coming to an end, it does not mean that you have to stop impressing them. The best thing to do here is to end things on a positive note so that they may refer you to another client or come back to you again in the near future for another task.

Process for handing over the project successfully

Here are a few key things that you must take care of when you hand over the project to your clients:

1. Create a project summary that aptly describes what you have done

The project summary effectively sums up all the efforts that you have undertaken to manage the project. This actually goes with everything that you have done. This will not only provide them a detailed look on the finer details of the project but also let the clients understand the depth of the efforts and the value that you have put into the work.

The summary also makes it easier for them or their consultant to work on it at a later date in case some additional changes are needed to be made.

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The client should know about the functional aspects of the design

You should also let your client know what the main goal and motto of the project was, and how the design corroborates that. This can help them to understand if such goals have been met properly or not, and what needs to be achieved.

Even though it is the client that asks you to work on their project and tell you what to do, in most cases they do not understand the various technicalities of the project. Hence it is your task to let them know what they can expect from the site once the work is over and how they can benefit from it. You can share different types of learning resources with the clients, such as PDF documents and videos that can let them use their website in effective ways to generate sales and get better ROI.

2. Do not forget to upsell your expertise

While website design is one key step needed to make a successful website, it is certainly not the last one. To make sure that a website generates maximum output for your clients, it should be regularly maintained along with removal of bugs so that it delivers a seamless performance. Help them reap the full benefit of today’s digital ecosystem. Rather than selling your expertise, it is helping them get the most out of their digital presence.

You can also recommend them to use new plugins so that they can enhance the functionality of the website. Therefore, you should offer such services to your clients so that they can benefit from such solutions. You can also offer to create unique content for their website so that they can generate more traffic and leads for their company. This can only help them to get more business at the end of the day.

3. Recommend them a good hosting service

As you are handing over the website to your clients, it is important that you recommend a good web hosting service to them so that they always have the best experience while working with their business website.

The hosting service plays a vital role in making sure that the website is capable of delivering the most seamless performance. Such solutions can help your clients in very important ways.


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