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About the Organization

In support of their vision and member companies, the Bluetooth SIG expands Bluetooth technology by fostering member collaboration to create new and improved specifications, drives global Bluetooth interoperability through a world class product qualification program, and grows the Bluetooth brand by increasing the awareness, understanding, and adoption of Bluetooth technology.

Key Objectives

  • Migrate away from inflexible licensed CMS
  • Re-think main navigation flow
  • Make additional minor UI improvements

Project Requirements

  • Easy back-end administration
  • Ability to display related content throughout
  • Integration with their single sign on service

We wanted the ability to maintain the site without relying on the engineering team.

Steve Karr, Bluetooth SIG

The Challenge

An Overly-Complicated System

Bluetooth came to us with the problem of dealing with a CMS that required constant updates from their technical staff in order for their marketing team to make minor changes when needed. The length of time it took to implement these updates was often less than ideal, preventing them from publishing new content when they needed. On top of all this, the CMS they were using required a large annual fee that they were looking forward to avoiding.

Websites that are more than a brochure.

Websites are great, but we don’t just create websites. We create business tools that get results.

  • Dealer sign-up and review

    A simple and user friendly process allows potential dealers to apply online with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Full e-commerce capabilities

    Both websites are custom designed and built on top of the Shopify e-commerce platform allowing for robust e-commerce capabilities.

  • Simple order management

    Orders and customizations are all collected and easily pushed to the distribution center.

At Zipline, the success of a project is not judged on whether it wins design awards, instead our success is gauged on whether we help our customer do business better, more efficiently, and more profitably.

We are driven to create websites that save businesses time and money while helping them make more time and money. This unique focus helps our clients grow their businesses. We love to see our clients growing quickly because it means more work for us and more money for the economy.

Helping TrustPoint launch KutzEZ™ has done just that. In a short timeframe we have been able to do multiple projects for the same growing company.

Want to get real results?

The Solution

A Simplified Admin Interface and an Expert Support Team

Given their past experience with their old CMS, Bluetooth needed something that allowed them to make quick updates to their site without the need to involve technical resources. WordPress was an obvious choice for this task with its reputation for an accessible UI and its ability to easily scale to accommodate their needed functionality.

Throughout the migration process, key improvements to how their site data was stored & related were made to simplify the content management process. Jordan Crown worked closely with Bluetooth to identify the problems with the old system and come up with creative solutions to make the job easier.

The Results

A Website Bluetooth could Control Themselves

Bluetooth was ecstatic with how their new site turned out. Making updates to their website was no longer a burden and could be done by pretty much anyone on their marketing team.

The minor visual and interactive improvements made to their website also generated great feedback. Users were able to navigate to the content they wanted much more efficiently.

Erik at Seattle New Media worked with me to create my website. He took care of the hosting and everything. The process was so simple, he asked me some questions about what I was
- Navan Joe

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