10 Tips to Improve Your Presence In Social Networks

Tips To Improve Your Presence In Social Networks

Getting on the boat of Social Media brings enormous benefits but to generate new relationships and strengthen existing ones, it is necessary to manage a solid presence in social networks.

Finding and cultivating the right links is the key to the growth of your digital business, and for this, you must focus on building a good radar of influence that is based on a strong social authority that shares the indicated content at the right time to the relevant community and in the right way.

Let's See 10 Ideas That Can Help You Achieve It!

1. Create Your Profile In The Networks That Merit

The extremes are never good. In Social Media, most companies maintain a monogamous or polygamous presence: they make exclusive and excessive use of a single platform to attract their target audience completely by ignoring other potential networks, or they are established on multiple platforms in a uniform manner and with the same content published automatically in each one of them.

If in your case you have not yet started to plan your presence in social networks, our advice is that you choose in which of them you will strive to maintain a dynamic activity. Think about why they are essential for your business and you will be able to determine where you want to go with them. Enter each of these platforms and animate to interact with your competition or associated brands through them and then extrapolate and imagine if any of those firms were your own company: if you feel comfortable with this interaction, it is because you have there a potential channel that deserves to be explored and taken advantage of.

2. Know Your Audience And Their Needs

One of the most important parts to improve your presence on social networks is to get to know your audience before connecting with them. And the best way to start is with a thorough investigation that gathers the most information for further analysis.

Once you have defined your target according to characteristics that can range from gender, age, occupation, training, location or economic income, you will have to focus on the construction of the content designed for that type of ideal client.

Once you have defined the demographic, you can move forward with more "soft" characteristics such as hobbies, interests, hobbies, and needs. The objective of this step will be to know your audience to the point of being able to be empathetic and naturally sympathize with the group. What do we want to tell you with all this?

Understand what motivates them, what their problems and needs are, and put yourself in their everyday shoes!

3. Optimize Your Profile In The Networks

If you already configured your social profiles (or someone did them for you), we recommend that you review them.

Are they well optimized? Are they customized to the extent of the signature? Do you have the latest updated logo of your brand or the most recent photo of your team? Is the cover image in its indicated size? Were all the description sectors used to explain the details and specialties of the company?

It is worth taking a few minutes to check or adjust your social networks at least once a quarter and update with some frequency the visual and textual content that gives life to your social community.

4. Avoid All Kinds Of Errors In The Daily Management

Many are those who underestimate social networks, but the truth is that they are a delicate playing field in which making mistakes is elementary. Also, it is a transparent medium in which things work in front of the public, and any "blunder" is very difficult to hide (to erase the update is not enough), much less get others not aware of what has happened.

However, not all mistakes are the result of chance or bad luck when the message is being constructed. Many times it is the experts, professionals, and resources specialized in Social Media that commit the most systematic, foolish and absurd errors.

5. Build An Effective Social Strategy

To boost your sales through social networks, you need a flow of contacts and recommendations among all the apps in which you are present.

How to achieve it if the mere presence on Facebook or Instagram is not enough to compete in the voracious social stratosphere?

Work on a clear social strategy that actively involves your target audience participates in sweepstakes or contest, communicates your vision in a fun way and tries to meet your Digital Marketing goals.

6. Create And Manage A Content Calendar

Having well-defined ideas, themes and the type of advertisement, recommend you create a spreadsheet with a detailed calendar day by day, week by week and month by month, that highlights the time, the days and in what social networks you will be sharing what messages.

The best thing is to intersperse the dates of publication in the various networks and use different formats such as images, videos, texts, infographics, downloadable resources and even news from your sector to keep your audience attentive and well provided.

7. Share Content Generated By Your Followers

If you have highly engaged users and the brand enjoys a strong engagement, there is nothing better for both parties to share that content created by your followers or fans.

This point is usually infallible to improve the presence in social networks because to viralize the messages, productions or comments of your community will stimulate the contagious effect on others at the same time.

8. Use Tools Thinking With Intelligence

The Internet is full of tools that can help you manage, track and analyze your efficiency in social media.

From Facebook Insights, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Followerwonk, Social Mention, to BuzzSumo (to name a few), you have a host of apps available to simplify your networking efforts and optimize your actions for maximum conversion.

If you have doubts about how to apply a practical look at your presence in social networks, the our social media experts can help you!

9. Increase The Viralization Of Your Content

Getting content to be viralized on social networks is the ultimate goal of all Community Manager. But for this, creating content, clicking on "publish" and waiting seated for users to share it in their profiles is not enough anymore.

Networks offer you the perfect opportunity to strengthen the connection with your current customers but above all, to attract new prospects to increase your list of subscribers and boost your sales.

If you want your content to be shared and viralized, try different publications and productions , such as a super-detailed tutorial that explains step by step how to use your product or service, an infographic that clearly and visually clarifies the benefits of your proposal, a list of tools or applications that make life easier for your users, discounts in exchange for a social interaction, unlock part of the content in your blog or news portal in exchange for a social share, innovative contests that invite your followers to participate, mentions to celebrities or experts in your sector, tags and hashtags to participate in specific conversations, and inspiring and thoughtful quotes or phrases that are possible to use and share by your readers.

10. Monitor Your Presence In Social Networks

It is fundamental to detail the future of your digital actions; and for this, you have to listen to what they say about your brand to adjust, repair or determine your new Social Media Plan. This type of information will give you nothing more and nothing less than the measurement of the metrics.

Collect all the data you can about the dissemination and impact of your content and take the time to analyze the scope of your publications and what your audience has done with those messages. As in life itself, what counts in social networks is knowing your past, to plot your present and plan your future.

Study the interests of your community, monitor the topics of conversation or investigate the feelings and reactions that your publications awaken requires active attention on your users but will undoubtedly give you the most reliable measurement of what your presence on social networks can generate and provoke.

As you may have noticed, managing your presence on social networks requires time, thoroughness, patience and experience. Whether you are thinking about delegating this arduous task to professionals specialized in the field or assigning the mission to someone inside your company.

The important thing is to be aware that these platforms project the image of your brand from the inside out and that therefore any minimum detail must be taken care of and used intelligently, with a quota of empathic sensitivity and with an enunciative freshness according to the nature of this channel.

So you already know! If you want to boost your business through social networks, your bet should go far beyond just being: take care of them, update them, optimize them and regularly interact through systems.

‍Marketing Team