Tips for a Brand Awareness Campaign

Tips for a Brand Awareness Campaign

We are all building brands. But, what if the audiences don’t like the brand? Or in the worst-case scenario, what if no one knows your brand exists. Just by building a brand, we can’t trust that people will know about it.

While people come across numerous new and old businesses on a daily basis, you can’t expect them to remember one single brand. What is so special about your brand that it stands apart from the rest?

This is where brand awareness would come to your rescue. As you work hard to get as many relevant users as possible to know about your brand, you need to be careful that your efforts are focused on only the potential targets.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is how well your potential audiences recognize and perceive your brand when relating to your product or service. For a small business, even a simple form of awareness, such as the potential customers choosing your brand over others, can be counted as a success.

However, it can’t be construed that small success as this would procure the brand an eponym status overnight.

Your brand awareness campaign is a success, if:

  • Consumers know what your brand’s specialty is
  • Customers picking your brand over others (regardless of the options or cost-effectiveness the other brands offer)
  • Users typing your business’ name or other related brand terms into the search engines
  • Social media users clicking your ad (when they come across you in the feed) because they know what they will find in there would be hilarious

How to build brand awareness

1. You need a story

Look at it like this: you are building a person and not a company. Let us break it down into simpler blocks. When you meet a person, how do you decide if you want to be friends or not? Sometimes, it just clicks. But when it comes to your brand, we can’t just hope for the starts to make the connection.

As discussed, let us think of your brand as a person. You need to ask yourself: would you have liked this person if you people were to meet? There, you know the answer.

Start building up a character for this person. The person should have hobbies, passions, likes, dislikes, and others. People would notice how they communicate, the things they talk about, and the things that could get them excited and wondering.

These are the traits you need to be building your brand around. Also, these exact traits would go a long way in promoting your brand. When it comes to your audience, the brand we’re talking about is a person (not a company) that does more than sell stuff.

Think of all the traits you would like to see in a friend and then build on them.

2. How social are you

This brand person might be outgoing (extrovert) or quiet (introvert). Regardless, everyone can agree that humans tend to benefit from socializing and spending time with others.

This is one way of staying connected, learning, and, in the course of time, building relationships. When you are selling a product, you need to connect with people. But, merely creating a connection for sale will get your business far from nowhere. You would still be known as a regular business.

You need to go beyond that. You need to socialize. This is where you could benefit from social media. Rather than focusing your posts on just your product or service, you could post about things that are unrelated to your business.

You can go live on Facebook or Instagram. Engage your audiences by asking questions, keeping the comments section open, tweeting or retweeting interesting tweets.

Rather than treating your social media accounts as a business trying to pitch a product and generate sales, slip into the shoes of a person looking for friends and followers. A perfect brand drives home more than monetary benefits.

3. Tell a story

One thing that we have learned about content is that people love stories. Also, storytelling is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tactics – regardless of whether you are promoting your brand or selling your products. Your audiences are looking for something to connect with your brand and there it is – an enticing story.

Create a story that would give your brand a human touch and depth. Stitch this story with your marketing campaigns to promote your brand along with your products and services.

Which or whose story would you tell? It could be the founder’s story, the tale of how your product’s idea was formulated, or the tale behind your business’ origins.

Credibility and authenticity are key to storytelling. These would go a long way in building your brand’s reputation.

4. Sharing is caring

Whatever content you develop, make it easier for your audiences to share it. Whether the content is in the form of blog posts, videos, product pages, social media posts, or sponsored content, nothing matters as long as it is shareable.

Besides, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most traditional ways to establish trust, credibility, and familiarity among your audiences. All you have to do is make your content easy to share and people will hit share, and your brand becomes seen and heard.

Closing thoughts

Brand awareness is more than reaching out to people, it is about the impact that your brand creates. Look for innovative ways to interact with your audience (which doesn’t make them feel you’re doing this for money).

After a single advertisement or marketing campaign, we can’t expect awareness to build up overnight. Brand awareness includes multiple ways of reaching out to potential audiences, several times.

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