How to Run a Successful e-Commerce Business

How to Run A Successful e-Commerce Business

E-commerce is swallowing the retail business these days. For the coming years, this trend is anticipated to be continued in a rapid progression.

In 2017, retail e-commerce sale added up to 2.3 trillion dollars and is expected to reach 4.8 trillion in 4 years. Traditional brick and mortar stores are being forced to make an online presence else face bankruptcy.

Setting up an e-commerce site has never been easier but, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to succeed. In order to make your e-commerce site a massive success, you should put in time and effort.

Here are 10 keys to run a successful e-commerce business.

1. Make Your Website Responsive

  • 237 million US consumers own a smartphone.
  • 53% of Americans own a tablet.
  • 86% of smartphone users research and compare products on their smartphones.
  • 59% of total e-commerce sales are done through a mobile device.
  • 82% of online users in the United States used a mobile device for online shopping.
  • 35% of online shoppers are mobile-only online shoppers.

According to these statistics, mobile traffic contributes more than half of the internet traffic. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that your website is responsive and works seamlessly in all mobile devices.

The popularity of mobile e-commerce gave rise to the term m-commerce. You must entertain mobile users or else you will be missing out a majority of your potential customers. Your website should instinctively adapt to the device because ignoring the trends in m-commerce will drive your customers to your competitors.

2. Test Everything

You should test absolutely everything before, during and after the launch. For the smooth and user-friendly operation of your website, you should invest in testing and analytics in order to be able to foresee any potential issues even before they come up.

You should conduct a thorough research and find out which software is best suited for your business as it is the base of the entire operation.

3. Take Your Time to Launch

As you get only one chance to launch your website, you should take all the time you need and do it right. Do not rush or force the launch before doing all the groundwork and laying a solid foundation.

Even though you cannot start the website with each and every feature you desire to have, it is advisable to make sure you have all the ground works ready. It is beneficial to purchase the domain early, track your customers, advertise about your brand and get organized.

4. SEO Your Website

Never assume that people will find your site naturally. The internet is just too huge for this dream to be true. To generate leads and boost sales, you need to let the people know about your existence first.

As the e-commerce economy is growing rapidly, more and more business pages are entering the already crowded space in a daily manner. 83% of search engine users never go beyond the first page of Google. Hence, it is extremely important than ever before to be on top of search engine results in order to drive traffic to your website.

Hiring an experienced SEO specialist will help you to stay ahead of the competition. Also paid advertising and pay-per-click campaigns will be useful to steer huge traffic to your website.

5. Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

The easiest way to lose a potential customer is to make it difficult for them to find out what they want when they want. So it is crucial for any e-commerce website to have easy navigation throughout the website. It is inevitable to have clear menus with direct product categories and subcategories labeled in an orderly fashion.

According to statistics, about 32% of online shoppers use site search to find out what they want. It makes strong search functionality critical.

Always keep in mind that if you don’t make it easy to find what they are looking for, your prospective customer will go to your competitor.

6. Be Social, Keep Your Fans Engaged

Social media is a powerful resource for promoting your brand. It is the easiest and most vibrant way to interact with your customers, find out what they like and publicly demonstrate your compassion for them.

You need to promote your brand and let others promote it. In other words, let your fans be your brand ambassadors. Social media should be the heartbeat of your business and you should be involved with social media promotions even if you have a social media manager.

Your social media profile should always be live with interesting and informative contents in order to make people talk about your brand and be trending in social media. A carefully maintained social media platform ensures you better brand awareness and higher conversion rates.

Focusing on videos is a stronger marketing tool as shoppers are more responsive to visual presentations and viral videos spread like a wildfire.

7. Provide Smooth Check Out Process

If you want to sell your product, you should make sure that the check out process is easy. If there are more steps for the payment process, there is a greater chance that people will get frustrated, leave their carts and go to a competitor who provides a smoother check out process.

As per statistics, 68% of shoppers abandon their cart in which 28% is due to the too complicated check-out process. E-commerce websites should provide a set of solutions to speed up payments like:

  • Lessen the number of screens
  • Save customer information like shipping address, card details etc.
  • Make sure your default payment option is the cheapest
  • Provide several payment options
  • Remove the need of account creation and provide a guest check out option

8. Be Transparent and Trustworthy

Your e-commerce site should be credible and trustworthy. You should display the measures you take to prevent the transmission of private and financial information of your visitors and an easy to understand returns and guarantee policy.

You should provide original product photos and clear descriptions for each product. Show product reviews and ratings and provide an easy platform to comment on and rate your products.

You should provide excellent customer service 24*7. Be available to the customers through any channel they prefer and manage all inquiries in a timely fashion. Make the delivery of the ordered products fast and secure because nobody wants to wait too long for their order.

Ultimately, never stop evolving; be in touch with the ever-changing trends and be ready to provide customers what they want.

With these tips, we hope you can bring your e-commerce business to a success.

‍Marketing Team