How To Grow Revenue From Newsletters

How To Grow Revenue From Newsletters

Facebook reach is almost dead. Instagram reach is deplorable. LinkedIn reach has plummeted as well. True revenue generation from these platforms is turning out to be quite tricky nowadays. But guess the one marketing platform that just keeps giving?

Email marketing.

Many people are under the sad misconception that with the advent of social media and PPC routes like Facebook ads and Google AdWords, email marketing is dying.

But nope, it’s far from the truth! Not only is it alive and kicking, but it also generates almost twice as much website traffic than the more famed Facebook does! The average person that comes onto your website from Facebook sifts through in  40 seconds and then flees.

But the person who has hopped onto your site from your email stays for a good 2 minutes. But why is this? Because email lists are carefully curated with only receivers who are interested in the particular niche.

In Facebook, you’re just throwing it into the open and crossing your fingers, waiting for random people to become prospects. But many people find it really difficult to grow revenue from newsletters. Because they have not truly explored the power of email marketing and email automation.

But we have just the trick you need! We at Seattle New Media have carefully curated a small list for your benefit. Hop on!

1. Use website analytics to build your list

Personalization rakes in big bucks. Yes! Readers, users, customers love personalized content. And email automation provides you with all the tools to ace this game!

But what does email automation entail? In a nutshell, it makes sure your newsletters drop into the right inbox. And the best way to do it, is running your website and social media analytics and curating the list from that.

These analytics, pooled from the farthest corners of the web, will give you the behavior and purchase history of people visiting your website and social media pages. This way you get a dedicated audience who have a higher chance of converting to customers.

2. Provide readers with gated content before sending them your weekly newsletters

Another email automation trick that works wonders for websites and small businesses! All the content on your website is freely accessible to all people and no email address is required to go through the blogs and case studies you have put up there.

But gated content gives you the opportunity to let the user themselves sign up for your newsletter- showing that they are truly invested in the niche!

E-books and short guides are the best forms of gated content. On the blog pages, make sure you add a pop-up offering a gated content.

“Enter your email and the free e-book will drop right into your inbox!” Seems familiar? This method is sure to add a few dedicated candidates to your list!

3. Always have a selling tier

Let’s not fool ourselves. Most people steer clear of anything paid. Well, we all love freebies! But, those who are REALLY serious about something and plan to utilise it to ace ahead in their careers or lives in general, won’t blink before making a purchase they think will help their cause.

And for this handful of people (let’s hope there’s more),you should have a selling tier! Courses and e-books sell like hot cakes!

But before you offer pricey courses, give out free courses and ebooks. (Mind you, they need to be really good!) Once they’ve gone through the free resources and are bowled over by your offerings, upsell. Slash your $50 course to $30 and offer it to them. They just won’t be able to give up on this tantalizing offer!

4. Advertising through email

Big money, folks. Of course, you may advertise your own products here if you wish to. But, you may also advertise products from other brands in the same domain. Write a newsletter about the topic and include the ad in it.

However, you have to find a sweet spot for the number of such posts. Don’t force your readers to send you to spam. If you post daily, make sure these ad newsletters do not cross 5 per month. However much money you may be earning from these ads, it is NOT worth it to lose readers and customers dedicated to your content and product.

5. Once you go big, snag a few sponsorships!

This one comes in handy when you go big and man, does it bring in moolah! If you have a solid following, get a sponsorship from a brand. Then alongside your own products, you have to market theirs too.

This is how Axios AM makes $75,000 per week from advertisers. But they deserve it! They’ve built a 200k strong subscriber list with top-notch content.

It’s high time you revive your comatose email marketing content. We know it’s tough and takes time. But hey, Seattle New Media has a CRM suite that will quicken the whole process.

Email marketing and Email Automation tools will make sure you have ALL the data you need for your campaign. We’ll craft the content, pool the data and plan out your strategy. And before you know it, you’re earning cash through those newsletters!

Don’t delay! Reach out now for a revenue-boosting email marketing campaign!

‍Marketing Team