How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business

How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business

You might be serving your customers well by offering satisfactory services. Have you checked what they are saying about you? Their opinions are valuable in determining the growth and success of your business.

Monitor customer feedback and implement these recommendations to enhance your offerings.

In this article, we will offer multiple tips to request reviews. If you are already requesting reviews, you can add these strategies to your existing list to enhance the quality of reviews.

1. Choose your review sites wisely

As a business, you need to focus on your industry when choosing your review sites. These review sites are capable of:

  • Attracting a loyal user base
  • Featuring related results when your business is googled
  • Establishing a connection between your business and industry

After shortlisting your review sites, set up the accounts by yourself rather than having someone else set up your business page, leading to any confusion that can result in losses. We recommend you take ownership of the page so that you are in control of the page at all times.

For guidelines to claim ownership of your business on Yelp, click here. If you are looking for guidance to add or claim ownership of your business on Google, click here.

2. Don’t stop at one review – request more

You can easily gather a couple of feedback online. But if you are serious about generating many reviews, you will have to request reviews. If you don’t have an automated system to gather online reviews, you will have lesser online reviews when compared with the others who have enhanced visibility because of their reputation.

Don’t get lost in the crowd.

You need not worry about setting up an online review process. You can email your customers and request a review. Isn’t that easy? A customer forms any decision about a product or business based on other reviews – only if these reviews originate from a trusted source. So, you can request a review while the offering is fresh in the minds of your customers.

Don’t wait too long to ask for a review. Once the deal has been closed, you can wait for three to five days before requesting an online review.

The customers will get more time to decide if the offering and experience were at par. Yelp is one of those review sites where you can find honest or authentic reviews.

3. Make the review process easy

Always make it easier for your customers to leave a review. Give them directions and help them understand what is required of them like where they should be posting the review.

You can activate reviews on various channels wherever your people are active. Your social media accounts should walk your people through the entire feedback process, making it easier for them to leave their reviews.

You can choose various methods for requesting reviews. If you own an online store, you can include the review request at the bottom of your shipping email or send a separate mail after the product has been shipped or delivered.

In your mail, provide clarity on what you want them to write in their feedback. You can drive your people’s attention to certain features of your service and request their feedback on those. You may follow some of the below patterns when preparing your questions to collect feedback:

  • Ask them about their favorite feature of your product or offering
  • Ask them to share how they benefited from your offering
  • Ask them to provide details on how they used your product
  • Ask them if they will recommend your business to others

Remember your customers are doing you a huge favor by writing these reviews in return for absolutely nothing. So make this process as smooth as possible for them.

4. Follow Up

If you don’t get a response the first time, don’t give up. Keep chasing your customers. They might have forgotten. Someone might respond saying that they are willing to write a review, but never write one. Don’t worry if they don’t write one. People forget to write reviews unless you don’t follow up and remind them.

You can give them space and time. After a while, if there is still no response, reach out to them.

5. Respond to the reviews

Requesting for reviews is one thing, but responding to these reviews is equally important. Don’t let it slip off your mind to respond to your customer’s reviews. We take a lot of pleasure in responding to good reviews. But what about the negative ones?

No one wants to deal with a negative review. But it is important that you prioritize responding to negative reviews before you start responding to the good ones.

You can reward your customers for sharing their feedback. These rewards will serve as a motivating factor for customers to share their reviews.

Use a monitoring tool to filter the reviews so that you can prioritize the negative reviews. Responding to such reviews will help in building your brand’s reputation. Customers will be able to understand that you are listening to their problems and responding to those, which will improve your brand’s image.

Closing thoughts

Customer reviews are what shape the image of any brand more than anything. Another customer is always listening to what other customers think about you. They form their purchase decisions based on these reviews.

So, make it easier for your existing customers to review your offerings, and don’t forget to respond to every review that you receive – no matter how bad it makes you feel about your service.

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