How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are the most important thing for marketing, and when you use an optimized land page, the conversion rate will increase by nearly 85%. And a fact is, only 48% of the online marketers are using landing pages, and more than half percent are losing out in boosting the conversion rate; because those half-percentage marketers are not willing to spare a few minutes in using a land page builder or probably, they may not be aware of its benefits.

Making a good landing page is not rocket science, but it is an important part of web development, it does take some time and work.

To bring more bucks, you just need to have one high converting landing page. Moreover, a good converting landing page can be a foundation of a successful online business. Here we are going to see how to create a landing page.

How to create a landing page that converts well

Before getting into creating a landing page, you need to work on some stuff. You have to do is “determining what you want it to accomplish” as a first thing. After that, the next thing you have to do is “determining what your message will be”. And finally, you can start your keyword research, like what will the people type when they are searching for solutions to the problem that your product or sale can solve. So, when you are done with all these things, you can start putting your land page together or can also approach reliable website design agency.

Let’s have a brief look on the essential elements of a landing page:

1. A attention grabbing headline

The headline is where everything starts; attention, interest, and understanding. So it is important to have an attention-grabbing headline.

2. Smart subheads

The headline will make the visitors look, and the subheads will make the visitors stay. Make sure that you have a persuasive subhead that will hold the visitor’s attention

3. Alluring pictures

Visual is an important component of a land page, so use pictures to get the full potential. The picture should be large, high-quality, and relevant to your product or service

4. Crisp explanation

Most of the potential customer do not understand what your product or service is about, so it is important to have an effective explanation

5. Connection

If you are writing about pain and pleasure and then connecting those with your product or service will give a great effect. Like if you are mentioning your product or service will help to get rid of pain and gives pleasure, then the customers will more likely to purchase it

6. Methods of contact

A persuasive landing page should have multiple methods of contact like physical address, phone number, contact form, and email address

7. Guarantee

Guarantee comes in many forms and customer loves guarantee.

Tips to create high converting landing pages

1. Look for the best landing page builder

In the market there are many landing page builders available, and each one has its own features. Which one to choose always depends on your goals, skill level, and company.

You can choose a page builder with the preloaded landing page templates, and it will be the best option if you are just starting. Drag and drop edit will be also helpful for you to place elements without much effort.

2. Keep super simple

A common mistake that most of the product sites do is, packing as much as they can into their landing pages, this will confuse your customers and make them overwhelming. So make sure that your landing is pretty much simple, and it will be easier for your customer to understand your content. Try to remove all the unwanted stuff, and directly get into the point.

3. Appealing sales pitch video

Videos will convey everything greater than the text, and YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. So, if you have planned to move people into the sales funnel then you must have better sales video. The video does not need to be long and involved, in fact, the duration of the best performing videos are 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Just make sure that the video describes everything in a logical order, and contains all the elements of the landing page. Your video should grab and hold people’s attention.

4. People trust only realistic things

The special proof is the number of shares, likes, pins, tweets, subscribers that your company has. You may think that showing these on your landing page does not bring any kind of changes, but most of the people will purchase something if it has been recommended online.

Showing your customers that you have a big fan base will help you to win your customers. You can also use testimonials from celebrities, experts, and even from the real people.

5. Get rid of navigation elements

The final tip for creating the best landing page and the tip is, removing the navigation elements. wIf you want to have a good landing page, then you should keep all the elements on one page.

All of your elements must follow a logical flow to keep your customers to move towards your CTA and complete the goal that you set for them. So, start with the explanation, then benefits, continue with including testimonials, and end with your CTA. This will be a persuasive method to structure a land page.

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