Here's How You Can Save Time Using Sharpspring Marketing Automation

How To Save Time Using Sharpspring Marketing Automation

A single marketing channel doesn’t cut it anymore!

You need to bombard users across different platforms and channels to make them aware of your brand and interest them in your product.

And keeping track of these- social media, email campaigns, and paid marketing- can be quite the challenge.

But, necessity is the mother of invention.

So with the evolution of modern marketing campaigns, we have seen a crop of marketing automation tools showing up to ease the job!

This article is all about how marketing automation helps you ace digital marketing and also give you an edge over others- by saving you oodles of time.

But first and foremost.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using software to perform the repetitive tasks of marketing campaigns- email blasts, social media posts, and ad campaigns.

The benefits?

Let’s take a look!

Benefits of Marketing Automation

1. Boost Lead Generation

The primary objective of these marketing automation tools is to help the sales and marketing efforts of a business.

But how is it going to do that?

Reach Out To More People Using Marketing Automation

Boost Lead Generation

By analyzing user interaction and behavior and accordingly serving them content!

Many companies are vying for your prospect’s attention. To have the best chances of bringing them home, you must send them valuable content, consistently.

This is what the automation tools do so well- consistency.

All you have to do is create the content! The automation tools will follow the prospect right across the internet and keep sending them appropriate emails and ads.

Because. Out of sight, out of mind. And we can’t have that, right?

2. Maximize Marketing Spend

KPIs- Key Performance Indicators. Factors that assess your marketing campaign.

Let’s face it - as marketers, we have to be accountable for the money we spend. If you’ve been at it for more than 4 months and have nothing to show for it, you’re doing it wrong!

And to find the cracks in the campaign, you need in-depth analytics. Which marketing automation tools provide. You run the campaign. They present you with the cold, hard data. If it’s going well, give yourself a pat on the back and carry on. f not, take a hard look and start over.

3. Higher Efficiency

The main goal of this article. How marketing automation can really boost your efficiency. Though we’ll be talking about the time aspect of efficiency here, there’s another side of it. Collaboration.

Marketing automation software records all content and data at a centralized location to which the whole marketing team has access. This gives the team a minimal chance to mess up.

All members have an eye on the content and any slip-ups can be immediately corrected.

Now for the time-saving capabilities.

Digital marketing involves a slew of mundane, repeatable tasks- emails, posts, ads. Though routine, these take up a good lot of time and diverts your attention from the real job- brainstorming out-of-box campaigns.

With the advent of marketing automation tools, you can actually save up to 9 hours a week.

Below we have listed 7 ways in which Sharpspring’s famed marketing automation tool can help you ace marketing by adding a few extra hours to your week!

How to Save Time With Marketing Automation

1. Social Media Post Scheduling

Creating and uploading content to social media takes up a good amount of time daily. But you can’t skip this exercise because customer engagement is heavily dependent on the consistency of posting!

Use Marketing Automation To Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Social Media Post Scheduling

Marketing automation is the best way to get rid of this woe. Simply batch create content once a week and add it to your stash in the marketing automation tool. Mention the date and time for posting and voila, your job is done.

This will save you close to 7 hours a week!

2. Customized Content

Marketing is now all about personalization. You can’t afford to be generic and put off people. Your content should be dynamic and changing according to the user behavior and their place in the sales funnel currently.

Top-notch marketing automation software, like the Sharpspring marketing automation tool, can take over this task for you too! They scour the internet for the prospects’ preferences and then shoot them ads and emails which will appeal most!

Again, a major load off your back!

3. Appointments and Meetings

Keeping track of all the client calls and marketing meetings throughout the week is quite the job. You’ve got to jot it down in your notebook or phone app. But marketing automation software by Sharpspring will keep track of all the dates, calls, and appointments for you.

Just punch in the date and the reminders you want.

The stress of missing a client meeting. The terror of missing that super important ad campaign meeting. Both gone!

4. Lead generation and nurturing

In 2019, the average email open rate worldwide was a disappointing 22.1%. But, to have an edge over others, you need to defy this statistic. And a catchy subject line is just one of the things you can do about it.

The time when you send the email actually carries good weightage!

Email open rates are highest from Monday to Thursday, dip during Friday, and are devastatingly low during the weekend. And why not?

Who would want to read your sales-y email about your product when they are cheering on their kids at a baseball game!

Experts say the best time to send an email and actually have a good chance of the reader opening it is Tuesday around 1 pm. But that’s pretty specific, right? What if you miss that deadline? Or it’s midnight where you live when it’s Tuesday 1 pm for your target audience? It’s simple, really! Use the Sharpspring marketing automation tool!

Write the email, store it, and enter the time of delivery. Take that nap. The software takes care of the rest.

5. Follow-up emails

Keep your customers happy. Not just because it’s the right thing to do. But because it’s way cheaper than acquiring new ones and can give you huge profits. Let’s take a look at some mind-boggling statistics.

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer. Increasing customer retention spend by a measly 5% can spike your profits by a whopping 80%.

The chances of actually selling the product to a new customer are 10%. Chances of selling to an old one- 70% Compelling numbers, right? But the problem is - who’s going to keep track?

Will you be able to spend hours tracking the customer’s place in the sales funnel and then sending appropriate follow-up emails?

Even if you can, it would take up a chunk of your time which would have been better utilized for planning and decision making. Hand it over to Sharpspring.

Write up a slew of follow-up emails and load them into the tool. Decide the factors- open rate, click-through rate, and previous purchases - and set the follow-up emails to be sent accordingly.

6. Segmentation of leads

A rookie mistake by most marketers is sending the same ads and emails to all their leads. This shows your research is not deep enough and you have not really studied your target audience well.

Age, geography, behavior - all play a major part in decision making by prospects. And hence, these are factors you have to keep in mind while building your marketing strategy. But no.

Dump this job on your marketing automation software. Let it segment the leads and send the emails automatically.

7. Loyalty Programs

Starbucks and McDonald’s are living off these! These bring in the moolah and also keep the customer happy.

It’s a good trick to bring in new customers too. Because research says 48% of consumers can switch brands without batting an eyelid for a simple coupon!

Come up with offers for loyal customers regularly and send them the emails timely. They stay. They buy. They’re happy.

Though Sharpspring is relatively new to the block and is often overshadowed by the tried and tested Hubspot and Salesforce, it actually has one of the best marketing automation software available.

And it’s far cheaper than Hubspot or Salesforce while offering pretty much the same services. We have been using the tool for providing digital marketing services and WE’RE SOLD.

So we’re happy to spread the joy and help you use this tool to its full potential too.

To know more about the wonders the software can work, get on a call with us, or book a demo!

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