5 Things You Should Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

5 Things You Should Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

Your website reflects your brand, it is your business tool, and you would want your website to be attractive to get customers' attention.

Your website contains all the information on the products and services that your business offers to the users, and for launching your website and putting all the information, you must have put a lot of time and effort.

But after some time, you will find a need for a website redesign. There is a need for a website redesign for many reasons, such as low search engine rankings, slow-loading pages, decreased conversions, etc.

Redesigning your website could help you improve sales, increase your brand's online presence, etc.

Website redesign means changing your website's design, content, and structure to improve your website's performance. This helps in getting more visitors to your website.

Investing in website redesign a part of business growth, and hence it should not be an unusual decision for any business. At Seattle New Media, we provide the best website redesign services, which helps you enhance your website's overall presentation.

You must redesign your website, but before that, there are some things that you should do before your website redesign.

Here is a list of things to review before a website redesign

1. Know your audience

Your audience will be using your website, and hence it is essential to know who you are targeting. If you keep your customers' preferences in your mind, you will better put information and products accordingly while redesigning.

Similarly, if you know their browsing style, what keywords are your users using. All this information will help you with your website redesign to create the best redesign for them according to their needs and preference. Your website may also be used by every generation; hence, what works best for smartphone generation may not work for older ones.

Thus, the redesigning strategies of your website must fulfill the needs of the customers of all ages.

2. Lookout for  what is working for your current website

It is one of the most important things to consider while redesigning your website. You don't necessarily have to change everything during a website redesign.

The things that are working pretty well for your website currently should not be changed. There may be some features of your website that are probably doing very well.

For example, if your current logo or brand design has received extensive brand recognition, you would not want to change it, and you should not change it, for it is not necessary to change the thing that is working well for your website.

Not only just the logo, but your website photographs also are very well placed, and you would not want them to change. It is up to you who has to decide before your website redesign what you want to keep and what can be changed.

3. Be clear with your business goals

Every project in business needs goals. While redesigning your website, it is crucial to think about your overall business goals. Set goals for how well your website is going to work for SEO practices and marketing.

Your business goals are a way to know how you structure your entire website redesign. It would help if you had a clear picture of how your newly redesigned website helps build your business and your brand because your website redesign is a significant and thoughtful investment.

You need to ask yourself some questions, for example, how can your website redesign help you achieve your business goals, or why do you need a website redesign?

Once you get the answers to your questions and determine your business goals, you can start evaluating the rest.

4. Analyze your competition

When you are thinking of your website redesign, you would want your website to be the best. You should know what your competitors are doing. Being familiar with your competitor's websites will give you information about what is going on in your specific industry.

It will help you know what you should avoid and the right things for your website. Figure out what your competitor is not showing on their website and think if that particular thing could help you with your website. At the same time, do a comprehensive analysis of your competitor's website.

5. Website redesign plan

If you are redesigning your website or even taking help from a professional design team, you need to have a plan. Evaluate when your website's elements are redesigned so that you have enough time to test those changes once against variations.

Your expectation from a website redesign, for instance, maybe that it should look better. Hence, if you are hiring a website designer to redesign your site, you must spell out all your expectations of what you want.

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