5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Love Webflow

5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Love Webflow

It is important for an online business to have an amazing landing page and alluring web pages. Webflow is your one stop destination to fulfil all your web designers need and to create alluring looking websites and drive huge traffic.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your business will love WebFlow.

1. Convenient to convert your idea into reality

The Webflow will help you to illustrate your interaction ideas effortlessly.

You might have had some wonderful interactions and animation ideas in your career. You must have tried photoshop, making videos or GIFs to capture how your ideas look and feel. Maybe some people will hack someone else’s JavaScript to achieve that desired effect. But with the Webflow you can leave these things behind.

Without coding or explaining your vision to a developer, you can develop your interactions and animations by just using the same tool that you use for the rest of your web design work. When you are done with your work and ready for feedback on those interactions and animation, your stakeholders and client can actually experience it. So, with the help of the Webflow, it is much easier to see what you are thinking.

2. Say goodbye to plugins

Almost every website building platform requires a lot of plugins for the additional function, but with the Webflow you do not need any additional plugins and you do not need to bother about plugins being outdated and needing updates. One of the worst things about the plugins is, when the plugins are outdated, it will cause functionality problems to the website without your knowledge. Moreover, adding dozens of plugins to your website will reduce the speed of your site and overall experience.

So, with the Webflow, you can be out of these worries, and another best thing about not using plugins on Webflow is the customer service. If you are facing any issues with Webflow, then you can easily approach the customer support team of Webflow; the super helpful and knowledgeable experts will easily fix your issue.

If you are using a website builder that needs a plugin then you will be left at the mercy of the plugin developers while facing problems; sometimes they will be responsive and sometimes they will not be. But with Webflow, you do not need any plugin for the additional function as well as you can easily fix your problems.

3. Multiple screen sizing facility

Nowadays, having a sleek and mobile-friendly application is crucial because most of the website traffic is coming from mobiles. Many surveys have concluded that more than half of the website traffic is coming from mobiles and this survey does not include tablets. If we are considering tablets also then most part of the website traffic will come from mobiles and tablets.

So, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website, and with most of the website builders, you can not simply do that. But the Webflow can easily do that for you; it is not only making a beautiful mobile site, but it also allows you to create a custom view for oversized monitors and tablets. So, no matter how your customers are learning about your business (through desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet), you can give your customers an amazing experience.

In Webflow, it is also possible to have different elements for different views, for instance, you can do certain interactions (like swiping on a photo) on mobile and tablet, but not on a desktop. Your site will become responsive with multiple screen sizing options and you can easily add different elements on different views.

4. Lightning-fast hosting

One of the common doubts that every website owner will have is, “what hosting to use?”. And you can find the answer to your doubt with the Webflow. Webflow makes hosting pretty easy, and it comes with a quite affordable plan. Like the standard Webflow site plan is just 20 USD per month or 192 USD per year.

Moreover, this plan includes Tier 1 Cloudfront hosting, and for your knowledge, this Tier 1 Cloudfront hosting is used by most of the big companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Abode, etc. If it is good enough for the big companies then it must be good enough for us. While making updates, you do not need to export any codes and that is one of the best things about Webflow’s native hosting. And if you wish to update your website, then Webflow will be a great option.

5. SEO-friendly and super compatible other software

When it comes to SEO-friendly, Webflow is the best one, it will give you all access to all the good SEO stuff. Also, it can auto-generate your sitemaps and let you do 301 redirects if you have decided to change a URL slug or delete page.

Webflow also integrates with email management systems like Mailchimp. Webflow will also work nicely with eCommerce platforms such as Gumroad, Paypal, and Shopify. And also works well with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook.

If you want to make your website content management as easy to use and low maintenance, then Webflow will be the best option. You can build a great website ever, and every task will be easy for you. Also, the Webflow will give a good user experience to your customers and make them feel good about your products, services, or business.


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