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Banner ads are a powerful marketing tool that attracts interested customers and drives huge traffic to your site. It’s a great way to expose your brand to an entirely new set of potential customers which would result in conversions. When you wish to create and manage advertisements on online platforms, do not be satisfied with dull and colorless banners. Seattle New Media not only designs exciting and lively but also run banner ad campaigns for you to broadcast your message.

Our banner design services include:
  • Static website banner design
  • Creative banner Design
  • Promotional advertising ad design

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Advantages of Banner ads

Even if a web surfer only glances at your banner ads, it is the most powerful tool in online marketing as that glance is more than enough to spread your brand recognition. Banner advertisements also help companies to publicize their new products as they garner viewer attention. As banner ads are displayed on user devices based on user demographics, these are highly targeted to the plausible customers so that, you are not wasting your resources seeking out to impassive customers. Even though some other marketing strategies offer targeted marketing, here a mere placement of a banner would lead you to your customer.

While advertising costs of more advanced platforms are expensive and may not be affordable by small or medium businesses, banner ad advertisements are much more cost-effective. Banner ads are easy to set up and it gives huge volumes of impressions for a lesser cost. A well-designed banner is an effective means of advertisement because it drives a huge mass of traffic to your website, consequently, generating successful leads and boosting sales. As only interested customers click on a banner that takes them to your site, conversion rates are pretty high in this case.

Whatever may be the dimensions of your banner ad requirement, we can fit your graphics in it. We have:

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Skyscrapers – Banner Ad requirements | Seattle New Media

Banner – Banner Ad requirements | Seattle New Media

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Frequently Asked Questions | Seattle New Media

Yes, we provide the source file of the banners

It depends upon the package you choose. The basic package includes 3 revisions.

Yes, we can assist in developing the content but, it will be charged additionally

We use either vector images which we develop or normal stock images. Both are not copyrighted.

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